Traditional NY Pizzas

$7.99 8” (Personal) $12.99 14” (Small) $13.99 16” (Large) $14.99 Sicilian Style
12″ Gluten Free Pizza – $12.99
Vegan. Finally, a pizza to make your gluten loving friends jealous!
Sub Non-Dairy vegan cheese for $3.00

Choice of Toppings: $2.09 each $1.59 personal/Gluten Free

Pepperoni Onions Extra Cheese Bacon
Sausage Green Peppers Garlic Sliced Tomatoes
Meatball Anchovies Broccoli Jalapeno Peppers
Mushroom Pineapple Spinach Fresh Basil
Mike’s Hot Honey Black Olives Ham  

Gourmet Toppings: $3.79 each

Prosciutto Ricotta Eggplant Philly Steak
Soppressata Fresh Spinach Sun Dried Tomatoes Garlic Knot Crust
Pancetta Feta Buffalo Chicken Fresh Mozzarella
Roasted Red Peppers Vegan Cheese Pesto Artichoke
Gorgonzola Shrimp Chicken  

Specials and Events

Monday: $11.99 all any Brick & any Brew (some beer restrictions apply)
Tuesday: $6.99 All Calzones
Every night after 9pm:
50% off Cheese slices (Dining In only)
$1.50 Off Switchback & Harpoon UFO

Gift Cards Available

Ramuntos gift cards are great for birthdays, holidays -- any time you want to give the gift of great food! Call us to order (603) 643-9500

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